Chairman's Message

Ir Edward S C Chan

It is indeed my honor to be elected as the Chairman of the Structural Division of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers for the session of 2017 – 2018.

Technical meetings and site visits have been very well received by members in the past years, with full house most of the time. We must be thankful to all the presenters in spending their valuable time to share with us their work. The technical meeting is a good way for us to share our experience as well as knowledge in the latest technical and statutory developments. With Prof S H Lo joining Ir Kenneth Chan and Ir Jenny Lau in the programme organizing team, I am confident that we can do as well if not better this year.

We have long been working on raising the image and status of structural engineers in the society.  This year Ir Ben Tse will join with Ir Prof Paul Pang and Ir C K Lau as our specialist in the Expert Committee and as our spokespersons. With your support we shall look forward to more interactions with the media at the appropriate opportunity in order to raise our profile in society.

Annual Dinner has always been one of the highlight events of the Structural Division and the annual dinner of this year is coming very soon. It is a time that we get together, mingling with old friends as well as meeting new ones. We celebrate the award-winning projects as well as individuals with outstanding achievements in their studies or membership examinations. This year we shall have Prof Ben Young chairing the organizing committee. The words are out that he will be taking us to an idyllic evening of tremendously enjoyable entertainment.

This year, Ir K L Tse will chair the organizing committee for both the Annual Seminar and the Structural Excellent Award. The Annual Seminar draws the participation of renowned experts sharing their latest engineering research and development in practice, while the Structural Excellent Award has been known as an important platform for practicing engineers and academic to showcase their latest achievements.

The Division has always placed “Inspiring the Young” an important mission and responsibility of the engineering community. For the past three years, we have great success with the “Structural Engineering Competition for the Youth – Paper Challenge”. We have more schools wishing to participate than the venue can accommodate. This year we will continue with the competition and will explore ways to accommodate more schools and their students.

Finally, I like to express my sincere appreciation to our immediate past Chairman Ir Leung Kwok Tung JP, my fellow committee members and to all of you for your support.  I look forward to seeing you all in our upcoming activities.

Ir Edward S C Chan

Chairman, Structural Division

Session 2017/2018