Chairman’s Message

Ir Professor Ben Young, Chairman

for the 2019/20 Session

It is a great honor to be elected as the 41st Chairman of the HKIE Structural Division for the 2019/2020 Session. I wish to express my gratitude to the Immediate Past Chairman, Ir TSE Kam-leung, for his dedication and excellent leadership to the Structural Division. I also wish to express my sincere appreciation to all the Structural Division Committee members for their continuous support in organizing many events for our fellow members. We will continue our great work to serve our fellow members and the structural engineering community.

The construction industry has been one of the important economic pillars in Hong Kong. Structural engineers play a major economic role in our society. The Structural Division will promote innovation in structural engineering solutions. Furthermore, the Structural Division will continue to promote the image of our profession actively in structural engineering, especially to the young generation.

The “Structural Engineering Competition for Youth” is one of the highlight events. The Structural Division has been co-organizing this event with the Education Bureau and local universities since 2015. Over 100 secondary school students participated in the competition each time. The Structural Division will continue to cultivate the young generation’s interest in the structural engineering profession.

The professional development of our fellow members is one of our priorities. We will organize technical seminars and site visits. Speakers from local and overseas will be invited to share their rich experiences with our fellow members. It should be noted that we are working on a revised handbook for the Code of Practice for Foundations and a handbook for the Code of Practice for Structural Use of Steel. Furthermore, we are also updating the Concrete Code Handbook. These valuable resources will definitely benefit our members and the construction industry in general.

The Structural Division Committee looks forward to serving our fellow members as well as the structural engineering community in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. The Structural Division Committee and I are looking forward to working with you to serve the construction industry and our society.