Introduction to the Division


Structural Engineering is about design, use of material, construction, planning, inspection, monitoring, maintenance, research, rehabilitation and demolition of structures and structural systems.  It embodies technical, economic, environmental, aesthetic and social aspects.  Structural engineering is a creative profession that makes significant contributions to the community.


Structures generally include buildings, bridges, tunnel, subway, underground structures, foundations, frameworks and space frames. 


Structural engineers is to ensure structures are strong enough to withstand natural loads (i.e. wind, snow and seismic) and loads imposed by the nature of its use.  Structural engineers always work with architects, builders, and mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers as well as project managers to ensure that all parts of the structure are safe and capable of fulfilling their intended function. 


The Structural Division is one of the largest Divisions in the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers with members over 6,000.


The Structural Division aims at:


  1. promoting the learned society role by disseminating our members with information on recent professional and technical activities.

  1. maintaining excellence in the structural engineering profession by promoting advancement in structural engineering and encouraging exchange of professional knowledge and innovation.