The HKIE Structural Examination


The Institution is pleased to announce that the coming Written Examination of the HKIE Structural Examination will be held on 7 December 2018 (Friday) at AsiaWorld-Expo (亞洲國際博覽館).

Applicants passing the HKIE Structural Examination and meeting the experience requirements will be eligible to become Corporate Member of the HKIE in the Structural Discipline.

The HKIE Structural Examination has the following features:-

1.It consists of two parts: (a) a Written Examination and (b) an Interview.

2.The Written Examination consists of two sections in the form of (a) multiple choice questions (one hour) and (b) design questions (six hours).

3.Passing the Written Examination is not a pre-requisite for taking the Interview or vice versa.

Candidates who wish to apply for the HKIE Structural Examination are required to submit the relevant application form and fees to the HKIE on or before 31 August 2018 (Friday). Details of the examination and application forms are now available on the following HKIE website.