The HKIE Structural Examination


The Institution is pleased to announce that the first HKIE Structural Examination will be held on 3 December 2010.


The HKIE Structural Examination has the following features:


(1) The HKIE Structural Examination consists of two parts: (a) a six-hour Written Examination and (b) an Interview.

(2) The Written Examination consists of two sections in the form of: (a) multiple choice questions (one hour) and (b) design questions (five hours).

(3) Candidates who have joined Scheme "A" Training in Civil/Structural or equivalence with at least two years post-graduation relevant experience by 30 November 2010 are eligible to apply for the Examination.

(4) Candidates can apply to sit the Interview in June and the Written Examination in December every year.


Candidates who wish to apply for the HKIE Structural Examination should complete the relevant application forms and return to the HKIE on or before 30 September 2010. A preparatory seminar will be held on 13 November 2010. Details of the examination and application forms are now available on the following HKIE website.