Relief of the 512 Sichuan earthquake


1.0 Engineering assistance

After the devastating M8 earthquake in Sichuan Province of China on 21 May 2008, structural engineers are of great demand in China and Hong Kong. Many non-government organisations have openly requested for structural engineering assistances; and indeed many of our engineers are helping the reconstruction work in Sichuan on voluntary basis.


The Joint Structural Division (JSD) has been promoting knowledge and education on seismic risk, seismic hazard, seismic effects on buildings, seismic resistant design, structural evaluations, retrofitting, etc. A series of talks and training sessions have been arranged and useful links and documents can be downloaded from the JSD homepage.


The JSD has set up a platform to support the reconstruction work in Sichuan as far as possible. If you would like to take part in the volunteer work, please send an email to us giving your name and email address; and your preference.


2.0 Contact Points

Please feel free to contact either
Ir K K Kwan ( or
Ir S T Chan ( or
Ir Ray KL Su (


3.0 Resource Centre

3.1 Learnings from other Earthquakes

3.1.1 Kobe Earthquake 1995 (to be added)

3.1.2 Taiwan Earthquake 1999

NCREE of Taiwan about 921 Earthquake

3.2 Planning (to be added)

3.3 Building Technology on Earthquake

ATC-20 Building Safety Evaluation Forms and Pacards, Applied Technology Council of USA

3.3.1 Keeping Schools Safe Under Earthquake ( OECD ) 2004

Strengthening School Buildings to Resist Earthquake Loads
Taking an Initial Step Towards Improving Earthquake Safety in Schools
Design Guide for Improving School Safety in Earthquakes, Floodings and High Winds
Incremental Seismic Rehabilitation in School Buildings
Tools for Implementing Incremental Seismic Rehabilitation in School Buildings

3.4 Building Type (to be added)

3.5 Building Material (to be added)

3.6 National Standards (to be added)

3.7 Updates from The Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China (CPGPRC)

CPGPRC on 11 June 2008

3.8 Updates from Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD)

MOHURD on 5 June 2008

3.9 Appeals from from Hong Kong School-funding Organisations (to be added)

3.10 Others (to