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   08/06/2018 Technical Seminar Half-day Seminar on Curtain Wall Inspection Methodology
   02/05/2018 Annual General Meeting Annual General Meeting (AGM)
   21/04/2018 Site visits Technical Visit to Tin Shui Wai Town Lot No. 33 Property Development (Full)
   12/04/2018 Technical Seminar Technical Seminar on Raffles City, Hangzhou
   16/03/2018 Technical Seminar Full-day workshop on Latest Design and Application of Laminated Glass
   08/03/2018 Annual Seminar The HKIE Structural Division Annual Seminar 2018 - Urban Revitalization Moving Ahead: Strengthening and Retrofitting of Structures
   27/02/2018 Technical Seminar Revitalization of Grade II Historic Chai Wan Factory Estate to Public Rental Building
   23/01/2018 Technical Seminar Analysis and Design of Semi-rigid Joints for Steel Frames
   11/01/2018 Technical Seminar Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS) & Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme (MWIS)
   10/01/2018 Technical Seminar Seminar on Wind Engineering and Wind Tunnel Testing
   02/01/2018 Technical Seminar Technical seminar on Use of recycled glass in concrete footpath
   19/12/2017 Technical Seminar (FULL and Change of Venue) Technical Seminar on Code of Practice for Foundations 2017
   12/12/2017 Technical Seminar IStructE Gold Medal Address: Jo da Silva talks - Design, Disasters and Development
   12/12/2017 Technical Seminar One-day Seminar on Design of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures to Eurocode 4
   29/11/2017 Technical Seminar Design for Shear: EC2 vs HKConcrete2013
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